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Live in harmony and balance with your personal environment with the help of the Feng Shui column. Learn about the thousand-year old Chinese tradition about the management of your environment by means of space arrangement in your home or office.

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Color can change the perception of our home. It can appear to change the size, either to make smaller or larger, the shape and feel of a room. It can also brighten, excite and...
Your teenagers only room for solace is their bedroom. Give them tips and ideas to transform their rooms for their style by the simple use of color. Feng Shui is a great tool to...
Best Feng Shui houseplants to generate good chi and aid in purifying the air.1) Bamboo - A plant that will grow in all lighting conditions in the home. They can be planted in soil...

Feng Shui Your Bathroom
Clean your bathroom. Organize your bathroom. Feng Shui your bathroom. Three simple steps to keep the energy fresh and vibrant in the bathroom. Everyone should want to keep the...
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Feng Shui Cures
Feng Shui cures brings balance and harmony into the home. Your furniture, the colour of your walls...and much more influences the movement of energy in your home. Have a part in...
Feng shui
Rich and famous devotees of feng-shui
Feng-shui is the ancient Chinese art of harnessing the heavens and earth to bring health, wealth and good fortune, by tuning in to the environment, seasonal changes, tides and...
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Tools of feng shui
I will not lie and say that Feng Shui, in its purest form, is a simple practice. Many experts study their entire lives to master Feng Shui principles. Principles of geography,...
Feng shui
In Chinese feng means wind and shui means wind and shui means water. If you look up to heaven and then down to the surface of the earth, what you are likely to see in between are...
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Chi in the Earth
At the very least the Chinese philosophers who considered feng (wind and air) and shui (water) to be the sustainers of mankind were good georgraphers and ecologists. However, they...
Feng shui
Chi: its sources and effects
Chi is loosely referred to as cosmic breath or life force, or more picturesquely the dragons breath. Chi flows through the human body and only departs on death, after...
Feng shui
Feng-shui: the past and future
In the past the practice of feng-shui was limited to the Emperor of China and his family and functionaries. Ordinary people practiced it on pain of death. However, you dont have...
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Develop a Better Relationship With Feng Shui
There's a part of the home that holds the energy of all of your past, including but not limited to your relationship to your family. It is the energetic foundation that you build...
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Is the North-East Direction the Devil's Gate?
1. Chinese geomancers consider the North-East as the gate for evil forces to enter earth and Europeans consider it as the North. This region ranges from the North to the...
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Fountain and Waterfalls
1. As fountains and waterfalls belong to the same family it has been covered together in this article. Sometimes references are made to fountains and at times to waterfall. 2....
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