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Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui cures brings balance and harmony into the home. Your furniture, the colour of your walls...and much more influences the movement of energy in your home. Have a part in energizing or stabilizing the chi in your personal space.

Feng Shui Cures
feng shui curesColour: The different shades of colour can uplift or depress you. Colour has different vibrations and each colour of the rainbow has a purpose and a time to be used.

1. Red: a strong colour that is great to keep you going. A good colour for a dining room to keep guests energized and excited. Not a good colour for the bedroom unless you desire lots of passion.

2. Orange: a happy colour that is refreshing and revitalizing. Good for kitchens and playrooms. Softer shades for family rooms where you want a place for fun and relaxing.

3. Yellow: a happy colour that brings creativity and vitality.
Great for kitchens and offices where creativity is needed. Also good for guest rooms if you do not want the guests to overstay their welcome.

4. Green: a healing and calming colour. Great for living rooms and bedrooms. It renews us and keeps us in balance.

5. Blue: a healing and mentally relaxing colour. Good to bring blue into a room when someone is ill. Also good to keep the occupants calm and relaxed. 6. Indigo: a relaxing colour. Good for kids and to keep health in the home.

7. Purple: a colour of richness and transformation. Great for spiritual rooms and to splash around the home for wealth and abundance.
Light: Lighting is best brought into the home by natural sunlight. Placement of good quality lighting can uplift or calm an area. Bright lights keeps the room full of movement and activity. To quiet an area invite yin energy into the home. Yin energy is a softer and lower lighting, that induces calmness and low activity. A great way to play with your lighting is to introduce dimmers on your light switches. This allows you to change the feel of the room with a switch.

Often overlooked in Feng Shui. We touch things everyday but do not truly feel what we are touching. For a day, slow done and really feel things. Feel the warmth of your couch or the coolness of your tables. Feel the sensations from your pillows, clothes, food...and observe what you are experiencing. The warmth of a mug relaxes you while the coldness of a drink makes you want to move and get going with your day.

Smell: Aromas are very powerful and are easy to bring into the home. The smell of lemons makes the home feel light and airy while the smell of a rotten bag of potatoes makes your home feel heavy and thick. One small smell from one section of the home changes the energy composition through the entire house. We become used to our house smells. Walk into your home with your eyes closed after being away a couple of hours to really smell your home. What does it do for you? You can change the smell of your home and the energy level with essential oils, good quality scented candles and fresh air. After an argument, light a lavender candle to bring harmony into the home.

Our taste buds are very powerful. Each life area is associated with one of the taste buds. Drink lemon juice and water to bring abundance into your home.

Life Areas and Your Tastebuds
1. Knowledge: Sweet/Bland
2. Career: Salty
3. Helpful People: Hot/Spicy
4. Family: Sour
5. Children/Creativity: Hot/Spicy
6. Wealth/Abundance: Sour
7. Fame/Reputation: Bitter
8. Personal Relationships: Sweet/Bland

Living Things: Pets, plants, and flowers uplift the energy in the home. If your green thumb or pet skills are low, put a bunch of flowers on your grocery list to bring in fresh vibrant energy. Use the colour chart above to decide what type of flowers to bring into the home. Why do you think men always give their wives red roses on Valentine's Day? Hmm!

Pictures/Objects: Homes are filled with artwork. What does your artwork say about you? If you want a relationship, look around at all your art and decorative objects and figure out what they are saying? Place art around the home that is in tune to what you want today. Much of our stuff was for yesterday, we need to change our stuff to get new results. If you do not want to get rid of your artwork, take it down for 2-4 weeks and place it in storage. Notice the changes that occur. Place the artwork back. Does your life become stuck again? Remember the old saying; "We are what we see."

Movement: Energy is constantly swirling around us. Many times we forget about the importance of air and its quality on us. A home that is smoke filled is heavy and tiring. While a home that has a sweet breeze from the outside is refreshing and uplifting. Transform your air by opening a window even on those cold day if only for a minute. Use these Feng Shui cures to influence the energy in your home. Transform the energy to the life you want. And at all times please have fun with Feng Shui!! Numbers in Feng Shui are an important tool. Each number corresponds with one of the life areas.

 Feng Shui Numbers For the 8 Life Areas
South: Fame/ Reputation: 9
Southwest: Personal Relationships: 2
West: Children/ Creativity: 7
East: Family/ Ancestors: 3
Northwest: Helpful People/Travel: 6
North: Career: 1
Northeast: Knowledge/Skills: 8
Southeast: Wealth/ Abundance: 4
Center: Health: 9 feng shui cures
The application of the numbers in Feng Shui is simple. For example; the southwest quadrants number is 2. Place objects/articles in pairs to activate the personal relationship corner. Two is the number that represents loving relationships that are faithful and trusting. If you place objects of 3 or more you may find your mate strays. As well, in many of my consultations I have found my clients looking for love, often have singular items or mismatched items in their bedrooms.
One may incorporate the numbers by the numbers of objects displayed. There are many creative ways to bring in the numbers. You may have a chime with 6 chimes or place 4 plants in a container or hang a crystal in the window that is 8 inches or centimeters long. Another great trick is to have a picture that has a certain number of objects in the painting. Numbers are also important for your Kua number and each number will tell you your favourable and unfavourable directions.

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