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Feng Shui Your Bathroom

feng shui bathroomClean your bathroom. Organize your bathroom. Feng Shui your bathroom. Three simple steps to keep the energy fresh and vibrant in the bathroom. Everyone should want to keep the energy free flowing as the bathroom represents wealth and dirty, cluttered and broken down bathrooms will dwindle your cash flow.

Bathroom Cures 

1. Keep the pipes in the bathroom in good working order. Monthly place 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain and follow with 1 cup of vinegar. Let sit for approximately 10 minutes and flush with hot water from the tap.

2. Keep the toilet seat down. 

3. Cover the sinks and bathtub drains.

4. Display bamboo and have it reflect in the mirror.

5. Keep the bathroom door closed.

6. Place a screen between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom if possible.

7. If the bathroom door opens outward, place a mirror on the outside of the door to give the illusion that the door disappears.

8. Decorate for the bathroom to feel inviting when you must cleanse the body.

9. Have good quality towels in the bathroom to show wealth and abundance. Gold towels are great for bringing this energy forth.

10. Keep clutter to a minimum. No kitchen stuff in the bathroom.

11. Open the window if you have one to let in fresh chi for circulation.

12. Sage the bathroom to remove the blocked, stagnant and dead energies. A great deal of waste energy is in the room.

13. Clean with natural cleaners to aid in keep the chi fresh and vibrant.

14. Bring in as much light during the day without invading your privacy.

15. Fresh flowers and plants are great for uplifting and cleansing the chi.

16. Do not spend much money in the bathroom, but be sure to give the illusion that you have.

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