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Alukonigstahl is an exclusive representative for the trademarks Schuco, Jansen and RHS in Bulgaria. The company imports aluminium, PVC and steel profiles and systems for windows and doors.
doors, windows, blinds  /aluminium, PVC doors and windows

Garden Aesthetics - Katex

Design, realization, interior and exterior landscaping. Computer visualization.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Prolet ltd

Prolet Ltd. produces wicker handmade bulgarian garden and home furniture and articles.
gardens, landscaping  /garden furniture

Ald Garden Ltd.

One of the first private companies for garden and park design and landscaping in Bulgaria. It was established in 1994.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

AREK Ceramic Studio

AREK offers ceramics and pottery for your home and garden, offices, restaurants and hotels; architectural ceramics and stained glass, wall panels and souvenirs. All production is handmade.
gardens, landscaping  /garden ornaments

Arexim Ltd.

Imports garden furniture for hotels, food and drinking establishments, gardens.
gardens, landscaping  /garden furniture

Magimex Sole Trader

Supply and manufacturing of benches, alcoves, fences and other made of polystyrol profiles.
gardens, landscaping  /fences

Ilia Iliev

Design, making and installation of: fireplaces, conservatories, fountains, artistic wall panels wall moisaics from marble and glass.
gardens, landscaping  /garden ornaments

Florex - Ltd.

Interior and exterior vegetation planting overall design, layout and maintanance of green spaces.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Vebacom Sole Trader

Heavy construction of pools, maintenance, facings, chemicals and installations for pools. Saunas, steam cabins.
gardens, landscaping  /pools, fountains, water features

Mebel, gradina - design

Design and implementation of houseyards, parks, etc. Design and manufacture of garden furniture.
gardens, landscaping  /garden furniture

Bike Plus Ltd.

Interior and exterior landscaping. Seeds, fertilizers and preparations. Wide range of garden accessories.
gardens, landscaping  /pest control


Indoor and outdoor planting. Arrangement of homes and offices. Seeds, ceramics, fountains.
gardens, landscaping  /seeds, fertilizers


Artistical metal processing - decorative fences, parapets, furnishing, equipment.
gardens, landscaping  /garden ornaments

Alumin-Elite Ltd.

Winter gardens. Paviions. Suspended facades. Aluminium constructions. Aluminium doors and windows.
gardens, landscaping  /sunrooms, conservatories

Darina Sole trader

Interior and exterior landskaping, landscape architecture, execution and design.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Ansani - Ltd.

Interior and exterior vegetation planting, design, layout.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Ald Karamotchev & Co.

Everything for your garden.
gardens, landscaping  /garden equipment

Viliyskoe & Marochno

Producer of peat and peat production, white peat moss, valley black peat, peat fuel granules, (torfpellets) potting soil, peat for agriculture, horticulture landscape design, gardens, flowerbeds.
gardens, landscaping  /seeds, fertilizers

Ditek - Ltd.

Forestry and gardening equipment. Automatic watering systems for gardens, parks.
gardens, landscaping  /garden equipment
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