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Garden Aesthetics - Katex

Design, realization, interior and exterior landscaping. Computer visualization.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Prolet ltd

Prolet Ltd. produces wicker handmade bulgarian garden and home furniture and articles.
gardens, landscaping  /garden furniture

Ald Garden Ltd.

One of the first private companies for garden and park design and landscaping in Bulgaria. It was established in 1994.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

AREK Ceramic Studio

AREK offers ceramics and pottery for your home and garden, offices, restaurants and hotels; architectural ceramics and stained glass, wall panels and souvenirs. All production is handmade.
gardens, landscaping  /garden ornaments

Arexim Ltd.

Imports garden furniture for hotels, food and drinking establishments, gardens.
gardens, landscaping  /garden furniture

Magimex Sole Trader

Supply and manufacturing of benches, alcoves, fences and other made of polystyrol profiles.
gardens, landscaping  /fences

Ilia Iliev

Design, making and installation of: fireplaces, conservatories, fountains, artistic wall panels wall moisaics from marble and glass.
gardens, landscaping  /garden ornaments

Florex - Ltd.

Interior and exterior vegetation planting overall design, layout and maintanance of green spaces.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Vebacom Sole Trader

Heavy construction of pools, maintenance, facings, chemicals and installations for pools. Saunas, steam cabins.
gardens, landscaping  /pools, fountains, water features

Mebel, gradina - design

Design and implementation of houseyards, parks, etc. Design and manufacture of garden furniture.
gardens, landscaping  /garden furniture

Bike Plus Ltd.

Interior and exterior landscaping. Seeds, fertilizers and preparations. Wide range of garden accessories.
gardens, landscaping  /pest control


Indoor and outdoor planting. Arrangement of homes and offices. Seeds, ceramics, fountains.
gardens, landscaping  /seeds, fertilizers


Artistical metal processing - decorative fences, parapets, furnishing, equipment.
gardens, landscaping  /garden ornaments

Alumin-Elite Ltd.

Winter gardens. Paviions. Suspended facades. Aluminium constructions. Aluminium doors and windows.
gardens, landscaping  /sunrooms, conservatories

Darina Sole trader

Interior and exterior landskaping, landscape architecture, execution and design.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Ansani - Ltd.

Interior and exterior vegetation planting, design, layout.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Ald Karamotchev & Co.

Everything for your garden.
gardens, landscaping  /garden equipment

Blagoustrojstveni stroezhi Ltd.

Construction, repair and maintenance of road pavements, green area, parks and gardens, production of decorative plants.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Four Seasons

Design, landscaping, water effects and cascades, natural stone floorings, sunrooms. Garden furnishing.
gardens, landscaping  /lanes, pathways

Briz GLD Garden-Sole Trader

Planting. Landscape, design for tourist projects and sports fields. Vertical plannning, grassing. Decorative floorings.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping
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