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Chi: its sources and effects

Chi is loosely referred to as cosmic breath or life force, or more picturesquely the dragons breath. Chi flows through the human body and only departs on death, after which the body disintegrates. Chi is therefore literally the breath of life
Although not charted by Western medicine methods, acupuncture practitioners have long known of the existence of chi, and have built up elaborate maps of the meridians or channels it uses to flow through the body. Acupuncture has been used to cure a number of medical conditions. Although acupuncture is widely accepted in the West as a valid form of therapy, there is still some progress to be made before the circulation of chi energy through the human body is accepted by Western science as an explanation of acupuncture.Chi and martial arts
Further concrete proof of the existence of chi is afforded by martial arts techniques which display extraordinary speed, strength and agility, and which are attributed by their body. Kung Fu masters believe that chi can be concentrated in the body, allowing the body to perform almost supernatural feats, such as breaking concrete blocks with the edge oh a hand. With the correct breathing techniques, in other words with the correct concentration of feng or air, the Kung Fu master gives his body a strength and imperviousness to injury that would otherwise be impossible.Chi in the landChi also flows through and enlivens the earth as well as the body. For example, slow meandering rivers or streams accumulate chi in the land according to the feng-shui masters. This accumulation of chI both strengthens the body and the land. In short, through feng ( wind or air ) and shui ( water ) we can accumulate chi which is beneficial to both man and his environment.Accumulating chi
Those adept with the methods of internal alchemy or the martial arts have learned to accumulate chi in the body by a hard and exhausting regime, but for most us the degree of passive absorption of chi from our surroundings, either at home or work, is the chief factor governing our energy and lucidity level. An increase of chi in a site automatically benefits those living there, and feng-shui provides methods of doing this.
Living near or on concentrations of chi is reputed to be a source of greater concentration and clear headedness, abundant wealth, health and happiness. The Chinese see this as an accumulation of luck. Luck, for the Chinese, is not something that just happens, it is something that can be worked at and consciously increased.
This brings us to the basic rules of chi accumulation, and hence also the basis of feng-shui. Straight lines or fast flowing streams or roads deplete and disperse chi, leading to the evaporation of luck. Stagnation contributes to the breakdown of chi, just as chi disperses when a body dies. The ideal conditions for accumulating chi are the slow, coiling, sinuous flow of water or wind which accumulate healthy chi in a suitably protected haven. This chi must be protected in order to accumulate, but it must also have access to another vigorous flow of chi, allowing the site to tap into a dragon vein, drawing off and hoarding chi successfully.

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