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Top 10 Feng Shui Houseplants

Best Feng Shui houseplants to generate good chi and aid in purifying the air.
1) Bamboo - A plant that will grow in all lighting conditions in the home. They can be planted in soil or rocks and only need water to keep their roots wet. Excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens. 2) Palms (All Varieties) - Ideal for living rooms and to be used as dividers. Place in a decorative container and water when needed. 3) Rubber Plants - Round leaves are symbolic of good fortune.
4) Dracaena - This hardy plant looks great in any area of the home or office.5) Ivy - Softens harsh lines such as the tv set or a bookcase.6) Hanging Baskets - Choose plants with round and vibrant leaves. They are great to display in corners and at the front entrance of the home.
7) Ficus - Classified as one of the top 10 purifying plants by the scientists. This plant is able to assist in the removal of fomaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene and ammonia from the air.8) Kitchen Herbs - Plant an assortment in a clay strawberry pot or hang them in hanging basket at eye level for easy picking. Herbs thrive in all indoor climates and are easy to care for.9) Lavender - A houseplant that promotes peace and relaxation. 10) Fresh Flowers - Place inexpensive mums on the kitchen counter close to the stove. They last about 1-2 weeks because they are absorbing all the toxins from the stove in kitchen.

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