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Feng-shui: the past and future

In the past the practice of feng-shui was limited to the Emperor of China and his family and functionaries. Ordinary people practiced it on pain of death. However, you dont have to be an international bank, a huge corporation or a famous rock star to use feng-shui. And you dont need to generate the enormous amounts of good fortune that is required to make a multi-billion international company successful.
Dont expect feng-shui to help you with the lottery it simply doesnt work like that. Feng-shui is not magic, but a natural practice. Practiced correctly it will slowly but surely increase your feeling of rightness with the world, contentment will quickly replace dissatisfaction. Things which used to irritate you will lose their sting and gradually you will waste less time on unproductive actions or swimming fruitlessly against the unrepenting tide of life. Increasingly you will instinctively spend more time on things that bring you happiness and better fortune.

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