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Fiks Konstrukt Ltd.

Professional shock-drilling equipment, tools and dowels.
machines, equipment, tools  /tools

IIC Europe AD

Construction works insurance, insurance for machines and equipment, as well as insurance for all risks during mounting.

Kolgeo Ltd.

Residential, commercial, industrial, public buildings - building, repair, refurbishment, dry construction, reconstruction, suspended ceilings, furnishing services, waterproofing, painting, flooring.
construction works  /repair works, reconstruction

Nibra Ltd.

Nibra Ltd. offers 24-hour delivery, assembly and service for ventilation and air-conditioning systems for restaurants, offices and for the home.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /air conditioning equipment

Pikington Bulgaria

World leader in glass production floating, low-issuing, fireproof, protective and armoured.
doors, windows, blinds  /glass, sealed glass units

ASA 2000 Ltd.

ASA 2000 Ltd. supplies building materials lifts, personnel lifts, scissor lifts, booms for hire or sale. Suitable for various construction works, installation, maintenance work.
machines, equipment, tools  /building machinery


Interior design. Production of furniture for the home, office, restaurant, hotel, kitchen, bathroom, children's room, living room, hall. Exhibition and trade fair design. Stage design and set pieces.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Salu - D Ltd.

The company's main activity is construction works.
construction works  /complex construction works

Four Seasons

Design, landscaping, water effects and cascades, natural stone floorings, sunrooms. Garden furnishing.
gardens, landscaping  /lanes, pathways

Desc & Co.

Design of roads, railroads, linear sites etc.
construction works  /road construction

Bris Group Ltd.

Silicon, decorative glueing foil, aerosol paints, paints for metal surfaces.
building materials  /paints, varnishes, mastic, fillers

PMB Ltd.

Static UPS systems. Complex engineering.
electrical equipment  /optical-fibre systems

Allianz Bulgaria Commercial Bank

The bank offers loans for the purchase of real estate, of a property under construction, repairs, construction of a family house.

Jano Ltd.

Jano Ltd. has a considerable market share in the furniture trade resulting from a complete range of services - design, furnishing and landscaping services for offices, hotels, restaurants, homes.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Remonti Ltd.

A modern construction company - distribution and installation of thermal insulation, natural stones and all activities in the field of finishing construction works.
construction works  /finishing works

Rosbulimpex Ltd.

Cork, cork parquet, cork for insulation, facing, decorative and technical cork.
flooring, cladding, lining  /cork

Ariars-R Ltd.

Bespoke furniture producer. The company's product range includes modular furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, wardrobes, office furniture and hotel furniture.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Gabia Sole Trader

Design of heating, air-condtitioning, ventilation, gas and solar installations. Naphtha reserves. Technological projects.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /heating systems


Kirstel specialises in heating installations, solar installations; internal plumbing (water supply) and hydrophores; ventilation and air conditioning installations.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /heating systems

Transmineral - GTM Ltd.

Transmineral - GTM specialises in granite quarrying from its own quarry in Slivovo. Offers pavers, blocks, flagstones, slabs and various stone products made in compliance with European standards.
building materials  /quarry materials
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