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Orki Construction Company Ltd.

Supply and qualified installation of Knauf dry construction systems, wall edgings, double floors. Thermal and acoustic insulation.
dry construction  /double floors

Archi Resta - Private Co.

Complex study and design in the field of urban planning, architecture, layout of historical areas and restoration of monuments of culture.
construction works  /repair works, reconstruction

Askom Sole Trader

Imports and trades with furniture materials kitchen broad boards, sinks, accessories. Build in mechanisms, PVC and metal doors, borders, kitchen furniture.
furniture  /wood, boards

Rest Engineering Sole Trader

Design, construction works,consrevation, restoration of residental and public buildings. Reconstructions,finishing and repair construction works.
construction works  /conservation, restoration works

Raiffeisen Bank

The bank offers the following main types of financing: working capital, investments, credits for small and medium enterprises, microlending, housing loans, consumer loans.

Interplast 2004 Ltd.

Design, manufacture, glazing, delivery and installation of PVC Blick, aluminium doors and windows and sealed glass units.
doors, windows, blinds  /aluminium, PVC doors and windows

Art Ceramics

Bathroom solutions in various styles and diverse colour range. High-quality faience, terracotta, granite tiles, manufactured by leading Chinese companies.
flooring, cladding, lining  /faience, terracotta, granitogres

AREK Ceramic Studio

AREK offers ceramics and pottery for your home and garden, offices, restaurants and hotels; architectural ceramics and stained glass, wall panels and souvenirs. All production is handmade.
gardens, landscaping  /garden ornaments

Telekomplekt SAT Ltd.

Investing, contracting, constructing and repairing activities. Residential, industrial, infrastructure and telecommunications construction engineering.

Profilco Bulgaria Ltd.

Machinery, profiles, accessories, polycarbonate, etalbond, specialized tools for the production of aluminum structures and sealed glass units. PVC profiles Wymar.
dry construction  /suspended facades

Technecon Group

Luxury and construction binding, locking systems, decorative profiles.
construction works  /finishing works

Mega Shop

Founded in 1995, the company offers varnishes, paints, primers, latex paints, steel ropes, chains, wheels, lifting equipment (pulleys, clamps, hooks, shackles, turnbuckles), fasteners and tools.
building materials  /paints, varnishes, mastic, fillers

Velev CO Sole Trader

Trade with incorrosive metals and materials incorrosive sheet iron, pipes, bars, fittings.
building materials  /metal structures

Instrument Optic Electron Service

Representative and maintenance for CARL ZEISS, TRIMBLE, INTERGRAPH, Z/I IMAGING, THALES for geodesical and photogrammetry technics and technologies,software; architecture and construction services
architecture, design  /geodesy

Obo Bettermann Bulgaria Ltd.

Consolidation and laying of cable systems in power and structural installations.
electrical equipment  /structured cabling

KA-TE Ltd.

Repairing and upholstering furniture. Restoration of antique furniture. Carpenter services. Short realization terms. Free trasportation.
services  /upholstery

Romina - I

DONN suspended cielings, partition walls LAFARGE, lighting products, terracotta, marble, granite, faience, sanitarty faience, office and hotel furnishing.
dry construction  /partition walls

Bokar Ltd.

Bokar construction company is specialized in residental and industrial building and reconstructions. Company's moto sounds: "Quality, Style, Correctness!"
construction works  /complex construction works

Aron Furnitures

Furnitures for the office, entrance-hall, kitchen, dining-room, living-room, children-room, bedroom, hotel.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Eksa Ltd.

Design and legalizatoin, construction works, conservation, restoration of residental and public buildings.
construction works  /conservation, restoration works
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