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Barrage - M Ltd.

Machine cleaning of hard floorings, moquettes and carpets. Burnishing, finering and crystallizing of marble and granite. Glasses and joinery cleaning. Daily cleaning of homes and offices.
services  /cleaning


Waterproof PVC bathroom bespoke furniture; shower-cabins and screens by individual size. Bath-tubs, terracotta, faience.
furnishings, equipment  /bathroom furniture, sanitary ware

J and J Co Ltd.

Design, installation, guarantee and after guarantee maintenance of security systems, access control, video observation, protection foil for glasses.
electrical equipment  /security alarm systems

Strol 1000 SA

Construction supervision, consulting and investment activity, management of investment projects, technical control and industrial valuations, real estates.

Vesselin Rachev Sole trader

Stained glass; Standard and unique glass models; Optional decisions; Drawings on fiberglass and engraving on glass. Window panes.
architecture, design  /interior design

Al Perfect Ltd.

Founded in 2002, Al Perfect Ltd. specializes in the production and installation of aluminium and PVC windows/doors and insect screens. The company has its own production base in Sofia.
doors, windows, blinds  /aluminium, PVC doors and windows

Aristo Ltd.

Aristo is an estate agency and a preferred partner in market research, investment consultancy and expert valuations. Property buying/selling, property rental and management.
Real Estate

Evgeni Savchev Ltd.

Design, investment and construction of residential and industrial buildings. Interior and exterior repairs, thermal insulation, coating, terracotta, plumbing, interior design, furniture by request.
construction works  /complex construction works

Plam-92 - Plamen Batakliev Sole Trader

All kinds of construction-repair services. Complex construction works, roofs. Industrial constructions. Thermal insulation. Finishing works, structural cable networks.
construction works  /complex construction works

BMS - Medso Ltd.

The company was established in 1993. The company supplies all types of fabrics for hotel and restaurant interior - fitted carpets, bedspreads, curtains, veils, mattresses, pillows, bedlinen.
flooring, cladding, lining  /carpets, fitted carpets, wallpaper

Ekip 2000 Kotov & Co.

A private company, established in July 1999 as a result of the necessity of Bulgarian railways modernization and the increased demand for experienced specialists in the engineering road geodesy.
construction works  /engineering


The company offers building materials: timber - boards, planks, beams, wood flooring, lathing, plywood, tin items, thermal insulation, cement, gypsum, sand, lime and others.
building materials  /timber

Asmatex Ltd.

Wateproofing and thermal insulation materials. Anticorrosive and acid resistant covers.
insulation  /thermal insulation

Selan Sole trader

Anti condensation and anti mould covers thermoshield. Thermoshield is layed like paint and guarantees protection against condensation and mould, as well as decreasing the heating expenses.
insulation  /thermal insulation

Al-Max Ltd.

Production & installation of Al/PVC windows/doors; glass shop windows/doors; sealed glass units; suspended facades, conservatories; insect screens, blinds. Glass processing for the furniture industry.
doors, windows, blinds  /aluminium, PVC doors and windows

Ecotop - Business Group Ltd.

Research, design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of gas systems, heating installations, Restoration energy sources, solar, photovoltaic and special systems.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /alternative energy

Arsenal Sofia Ltd.

Contemporary materials for roofs and walls. Metal tiles and profiles with special longlasting coating. Easy and fast installation. Excellent look. Complete roof solutions.
building materials  /bricks, roof tiles, slates, shingles

Hammer Trans Ltd.

SIL band for mechanical protection of underground pipelines. Materials for waterproofing drains and other hydromerliorative works.
insulation  /waterproofing

Nida Style Ltd.

Interior, design and furniture manufacturing. Kitchen, bedroom, children room, office, store. High quality and correctness.
furniture  /bedroom furniture


Real estates transactions, management, licenced market valuations, digital video and photo shooting.
Real Estate
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