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Transmineral - GTM Ltd.

Transmineral - GTM specialises in granite quarrying from its own quarry in Slivovo. Offers pavers, blocks, flagstones, slabs and various stone products made in compliance with European standards.
building materials  /quarry materials

Monolit 3 - Ltd.

Complex study, design of public, industrial, residential buildings.
construction works  /complex construction works

Akhnaton Co. Ltd.

Electric - electrical elements and equipment, fuse, boards.
electrical equipment  /electrical wiring installations

Transproekt SA

Complex engineer-geological, hydrogeological and seizmological research for the whole construction field. Sondages for drinking and industrial water wells.
architecture, design  /geology, hydrology

Pomstroyengineering PS

The main activity of the firm is design, construction and consulting in industrial building. The company services include civil design, industry design and construction and marketing.
architecture, design  /design

Boby - L Sole Trader

Design, delivery and installation of all types of suspended ceilings. KNAUF system dry construction works. Built-in lighting products.
dry construction  /suspended ceilings

Polser Bulgaria Ltd.

Production of sanitary grade acrylic bathtubs, shower trays and Jacuzzis with the registered trademark Acrypol. Quality translucent or opaque, corrugated, trapezoidal and flat plastic (FRP) panels.
wholesale markets, warehouses, shops  /shops

Gus Ltd.

Engineering. Complex research and design of transport projects: ports, roads, landslides, tunnels.
construction works  /road construction

Briz GLD Garden-Sole Trader

Planting. Landscape, design for tourist projects and sports fields. Vertical plannning, grassing. Decorative floorings.
gardens, landscaping  /landscaping

Angie 95

Turnkey construction services for residential and industrial projects incorporating the whole engineering process. A furniture importer&dealer. Production and installation of Al and PVC windows/doors.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Caramela Ltd.

Aluminium and PVC windows and doors.
doors, windows, blinds  /aluminium, PVC doors and windows

Siam Design

Furniture dealer/retailer - attractive Thai furniture, unique masterpieces of Thai galleries, ultra modern tables and chairs, hand-painted cabinets.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Dedal 95

Building and reconstruction of offices, stores, residental buildings.
construction works  /residential construction


Elaboration of digital cadastre plans and registries, topographic maps.
architecture, design  /cartography, cadastre

Bulflex & Co. Ltd.

Manufacture and sales of armoured disks for cutting and grinding of metal and non-metal products.
machines, equipment, tools  /tools

Microjet Bulgaria Ltd.

Severing diamond discs and machines for stone, concrete and asphalt processing.
machines, equipment, tools  /building machinery

In House

English/Bulgarian company offering complete furnishing and interior design solutions, from individual projects to client specifications to complete furnishing and interior design.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Alumin Design Ltd.

Alumin Design specialises in the production and installation of high quality aluminium and PVC windows and doors, combination of wood and aluminium, suspended facades, conservatories, glass roofs.
doors, windows, blinds  /aluminium, PVC doors and windows

Jupiter Insurance Company

The company offers accidents insurance and property insurance.

Interior Center Ltd.

Full furnishing services, modern furniture design and bespoke furniture.
architecture, design  /interior design
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