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Geo-Car Ltd.

Limestone (rustic, glyth), gneiss extraction and processing. Direct import of marble and granite. Production, delivery and laying of rock-cladding materials for pavements and claddings.
flooring, cladding, lining  /natural stones

Europlan Ltd.

Finishing and repair works. Supplies, manufactures and installs floorings, claddings and details made of granite, marble, limestone.
flooring, cladding, lining  /natural stones

Bulned Ltd.

Bulned Ltd. owns a tilling factory along with a stone-pit for limestone and marble extraction.
flooring, cladding, lining  /natural stones

Evroplan Ltd.

Granite, marble, limestone, agglomerates in gang-saw and standard plates. Installation of flooring and facing.
flooring, cladding, lining  /natural stones

Nova Yug Ltd.

Natural stone cladding gneiss from Ivaylovgrad. Suitable for cladding and paving walks, alleys, driveways, pedestrian areas, fences, pool decks, indoor and outdoor decoration.
flooring, cladding, lining  /natural stones
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