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Bulgarian land market opens up
The Bulgarian land market opens up, foreign citizens from the European Union and other countries Bulgaria has ratified international agreements will be allowed to buy land in this...
7 December 2004 - Stroitelstvo Gradat
Real Estate
House Prices Increase Worldwide, Bulgaria Reaches 31%
House prices recorded an average increase of 8.7% in late 2004/early 2005 worldwide, shows data of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) and...
15 April 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
No speculative "bubble" on Bulgaria's Real Estate Market
There may be inadequate prices in some categories of residential areas in Bulgaria, but no speculative bubble to talk about, according to the head of Bulgaria's leading full...
28 February 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Bulgarian Farmland Prices to Grow
European Union entry will boost the prices of Bulgarian land three to four times, the head of the Elana Eurofund has said. Plots of up to 50 decares currently cost BGN 130 - BGN...
28 September 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
2nd Danube Bridge Fuels Real Estate Market Three-Fold
The price of real estates in Vidin, alongside the Danube River, has soared three-fold on the background of progressing negotiations for the construction of Danube Bridge-II,...
22 February 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
UK Fund Mitigates Taxes for Bulgarian Property Investments
A new investment fund promises to mitigate inheritance tax bills while taking a punt on the Bulgarian property market, the UK newspaper Daily Telegraph reported. According to...
8 February 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Bulgarians Outpace EU in Home Ownership
Bulgarians boast highest levels of home ownership in Europe, according to the European Quality of Life Survey. A Dublin-based EU-agency has found that, despite poor material...
7 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Bulgarian Properties a Hit at London Exhibition
The splash that Bulgaria made at the recent "A Place in the Sun Live" exhibition in London should put to rest the fears of some developers that overconstruction and oversupply may...
13 October 2005 - BNR
Real Estate
Bulgarians Borrowed 1 bln Levs for Home Buys in the Past 12 Months
Bulgarians were loaned by the local banks 1 bln levs in the past 12 months for the purchase of new homes, according to an H1 overview of the banking sector prepared by the...
28 July 2006 - Dnevnik
Real Estate
Bulgaria Stirs London Interest as Property Hotspot
Bulgaria proved to be a hotspot for resort property investors, as well as those looking to buy residential property in Sofia during a London seminar that ran under the title...
24 February 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Construction business and real estate
The challenges before the construction business and the real estate market in Southeastern Europe will be a subject of discussion at the plenary session Construction business and...
25 October 2004 - Stroitelstvo Gradat
Real Estate
Residential Credits Enjoy Increasing Interest in Bulgaria
Residential credit in Bulgaria attracts an increasing part of the common allocation of capital in the economy - some 28.8% from the total debt of the households in January 2006 as...
20 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
New-Builds Most Demanded in Sofia
New-build apartments boast the briskest demand for housing in the capital, where most of the offers for flats for sale are concentrated, shows data of realtors. Prices of the...
30 May 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Residential construction doubles in 2004
The number of residential buildings okayed for construction last year rose to 5,780 from 3,000 in '03. The buildings have a combined built-up area of 3 mln sq m and a total of...
23 February 2005 - Dnevnik
Real Estate
Residential Prices in Bulgaria Go Up 36%
Prices of residential apartments in Sofia have reached the record-high BGN 1285,2 per square meter in the last quarter of 2005, data of the National Statistical Institute shows....
24 January 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Real Estate Developers Establish Bulgaria Est8s Club
Fourteen leading Bulgarian construction entrepreneurs have established the Bulgaria Est8s Club, aiming to promote Bulgaria as attractive property investment destination.The...
14 November 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Record-High Floorage Price in Sofia
A one-room flat on the outskirts of Sofia has been sold at the record-high price of EUR 1, 035 per square meter, according to reports. The deal sets a precedent and should not...
24 January 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
IHT: You Can't Lose from Bulgaria Property Investments
Anyone who has bought property in Bulgaria will tell you that the prices are so low, it is impossible to lose, Matthew Brunwasser wrote in an article for International Herald...
1 June 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Bulgarian Real Estate Info Wrapped up by 2015
Bulgaria believes to be able to complete the reforms in the property register and the cadastre by 2015 when all information currently dispersed at numerous state institutions is...
18 March 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Record-High New Homes on Sale in Sofia
A record-high 2 million square meters of newly built floorage will be on sale in the capital Sofia alone by the end of 2006, the National Real Property Association announced.About...
24 October 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate

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