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Over 150 participants in first edition of Balkan property exhibition
Over 150 companies from around the world have registered for participation in the inaugural edition of Balkan property exhibition BalPex, said Nadezhda Riashi, commercial director...
9 May 2007 - Dnevnik
Real Estate
Municipal authorities to manage Bulgaria's beaches
The Bulgarian parliament Thursday decided that beaches will remain exclusive state property but left a loophole for their transfer for management to the local authorities. The...
20 April 2007 - Dnevnik
Real Estate
Spain's Urbas buys 12 ha plot in Sofia
Spanish property developer Urbas Thursday informed the CNMV, Spain's stock market commission, of the 60 mln euro acquisition of a plot of land covering 120,000 sq m in the center...
16 February 2007 - Dnevnik
Real Estate
Bulgaria home prices up 15% year on year
Housing prices in Bulgaria have risen by 15% year on year to an average 846.5 levs/sq m in 2006 versus 738 levs/sq m a year ago, said the national statistical authority. The...
24 January 2007 - Dnevnik
Real Estate
Mall of Sofia Area Reopens with New Sewage, Infrastructure
Few months after the grand opening of the largest shopping and entertainment hearth in the capital city, Mall of Sofia has completely renovated the sewage system and...
9 October 2006 -
Real Estate
The new Spanish Costas for Britons?
After years of talks, Bulgaria and Romania will join the EU in January under strict conditions. For Britons, among the many areas of life which will undoubtedly be changed by...
29 September 2006 - Sofia News Agency, BBC News
Real Estate
Sofia's Costliest Property District Sports EUR 1,700/m2
The area around the Doctor's Garden in downtown Sofia retains its position as the most expensive location in the capital. The average asking prices for residential property in the...
25 August 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Sofia Outskirts See Office Construction Boom
More and more office buildings have been built in the outskirts of Bulgaria's capital over the last few years. Companies, specializing in trading and those that do not need an...
21 August 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Bulgarian Property Experts Hail Law for EU Citizens
A leading Bulgarian real estate agency has warmly welcomed a fresh rule for EU citizens visiting Bulgaria. Allowing them to enter the country and stay for up to three months with...
7 August 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Estonia's Arco Vara Offers Realty Brokerage Services in Bulgaria
Estonian realty group Arco Vara has set up a brokerage unit in Bulgaria. Arco Real Estate Bulgaria will begin operation in September in the capital Sofia, said company manager for...
2 August 2006 - Dnevnik
Real Estate
Bulgarians Borrowed 1 bln Levs for Home Buys in the Past 12 Months
Bulgarians were loaned by the local banks 1 bln levs in the past 12 months for the purchase of new homes, according to an H1 overview of the banking sector prepared by the...
28 July 2006 - Dnevnik
Real Estate
Sofia Mayor Opens London Real Estate Forum
Sofia Mayor Boyko Borissov will attend Tuesday an international real estate forum in London, his office announced. The Emerging Money Property Exhibition EMPEX will showcase 16...
27 June 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
IHT: You Can't Lose from Bulgaria Property Investments
Anyone who has bought property in Bulgaria will tell you that the prices are so low, it is impossible to lose, Matthew Brunwasser wrote in an article for International Herald...
1 June 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
New-Builds Most Demanded in Sofia
New-build apartments boast the briskest demand for housing in the capital, where most of the offers for flats for sale are concentrated, shows data of realtors. Prices of the...
30 May 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Construction and real estate among the fastest developing sectors in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a priority and active real estate market, a survey carried out among the participants in the major Imoti real estate expo shows. The 4th edition of the international...
11 May 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
The Independent: 4 Types of Property Opportunities in Bulgaria
The property investment opportunities in Bulgaria fall into four main categories, wrote the Independent on Wednesday in an article that praises the property market potential of...
20 April 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Sofia Trails Bucharest in Property Prices
After a decade of rising prices on the property market, residential prices in the Bulgarian capital continue to be lower than that in Bucharest, Bratislava or Prague, shows data,...
27 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Residential Credits Enjoy Increasing Interest in Bulgaria
Residential credit in Bulgaria attracts an increasing part of the common allocation of capital in the economy - some 28.8% from the total debt of the households in January 2006 as...
20 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Spaniards and Danes Buy off Property at Bulgaria's Seaside
Despite the fact that Spain is blessed with more than a generous amount of beaches, Bulgaria's seaside has obviously impressed the Spaniards and they are rushing for apartments in...
9 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Bulgarians Outpace EU in Home Ownership
Bulgarians boast highest levels of home ownership in Europe, according to the European Quality of Life Survey. A Dublin-based EU-agency has found that, despite poor material...
7 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate

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