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Discover the skillful master inside you with our column Do it yourself. Following the illustrated instructions you will be able to make something useful and beautiful for your home or office with your own hands.

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If you're reading this article, it's a safe bet that the words "crown moulding" or "Louis XVI chair" make your eyes light up, and therefore it's a safe bet you'd like to pass this...
Gray winter days that are short on natural light and long on chilly temperatures offer a wonderful opportunity to introduce a cheerful color palette to a childs space. The...
Here are our top five tips: 1. A white ring on a tabletop is in the finish, a black ring is in the wood. It is easier to remove a damaged finish than a wood stain. To remove white...

Fabric Seats for Chairs
Bold, bright fabric and paint to match can spruce up a dowdy old chair and turn it into an eye-catching piece. New fabric can work wonders for an old drop-in chair seat, and a...
Do it yourself
Correct Care for Kitchen Appliances
Coffeemaker: Mineral buildup slows a coffeepot's drip and produces bitter tasting coffee. One way to solve this problem is to mix a solution of half water and half white vinegar....
Do it yourself
Five Easy-to-Make Tables
Just because some furniture pieces serve a utilitarian purpose, it doesnt mean they have to be dull. The next time you're about to purchase a table, use your creativity instead...
Do it yourself
Five Secrets of Long-Lasting Carpet
Keeping a carpet clean is essential to prolonging its life and maintaining its appearance. 1. Depending on how much traffic a carpet bears, vacuum it as often as several times a...
Do it yourself
Repair a Leaky Faucet
Not only do leaky faucets waste water, the sound of drip, drip, drip can certainly keep you awake at night. Fixing this yourself can save you money. Although this is not a...
Do it yourself
Update an Old Kitchen
The floorLet's talk about the floor first, even though it should be the last project of a mini-makeover. One of the first steps manufacturers of "peel 'n stick" floor tiles give...
Do it yourself
Homework Furniture
For families everywhere, as the school year gets firmly underway, the space in the house seems to steadily shrink. This is particularly true in winter, when scarves, boots,...
Do it yourself
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