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Five Easy-to-Make Tables

Just because some furniture pieces serve a utilitarian purpose, it doesnt mean they have to be dull. The next time you're about to purchase a table, use your creativity instead and combine found objects from around the house, or visit a flea market. A sofa may be difficult to make yourself, but a table can be crafted from just about anything. It's more about being resourceful and clever than spending big bucks. Try one of these fun but functional ideas: A giant wicker basket with a piece of glass on top provides hidden storage underneath and works as an end or coffee table.
Old flea-market suitcases stacked atop one another combine form and function into one eye-pleasing element. Pair an oversized outdoor terra-cotta pot with a round glass top and you've got ample table space for at least three club chairs. Four stacks of old but sturdy books can act as legs, supporting a piece of glass, and voilà -- a low coffee table. Find a flea-market bench and place it in front of the sofa, stacking piles of art books underneath and a pair of candlesticks on top. A bench also works well at the end of a guest bed to hold a gift basket or suitcase.

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