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Correct Care for Kitchen Appliances

Coffeemaker: Mineral buildup slows a coffeepot's drip and produces bitter tasting coffee. One way to solve this problem is to mix a solution of half water and half white vinegar. Pour it into the reservoir and turn on the pot. Let half of the solution drip into the carafe, shut off the coffeepot and let stand for a half an hour.
Then, pour all of the solution through the machine and rinse with plain water. If that doesn't help, unplug the machine and clean its holes with a stiff wire or a small nail.
Iron: Most problems with irons come from hard-water deposits left inside. If your iron has a self-cleaning feature to remove hard-water buildup, use it after every ironing job. If your iron starts showing signs of buildup by spraying erratically, then use the half water/half vinegar solution through the steam mechanism.
Iron an old towel to steam it clean, then rinse the iron by refilling it with plain water. If the iron 's metal sole gets encrusted with dirt or burned on starch, clean with steel wool or all-purpose cleaner.
Electric Can Opener: Clean the cutting wheel every few months. Detach the wheel and clean with all-purpose cleaner and a toothbrush or throw in dishwasher. For tough grime use a fine steel-wool pad and lubricate the can opener's wheel with cooking oil after each cleaning.
Toaster/Toaster Ovens: If you remove the crumbs after each use, a good toaster lasts a lifetime. After each use remove the crumb tray or turn the toaster upside down after it cools to get crumbs out--occasionally wipe the tray with a damp cloth.
If your toaster smokes, remove scrapings with a toothbrush after cooling. On the outside remove globs with a razorblade and all-purpose cleaner--remember to be careful using the razorblade. Finish by wiping with glass cleaner.

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