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City Center Sofia Opens Officially Today
Hundreds of curious Sofia residents packed the Sofia City Center to its capacity today, as the new shopping complex opened its first working day. People of all ages crammed into...
12 May 2006 - Sofia News Agency
wholesale markets, warehouses, shops / shops
Construction and real estate among the fastest developing sectors in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a priority and active real estate market, a survey carried out among the participants in the major Imoti real estate expo shows. The 4th edition of the international...
11 May 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Bulgaria to Spend EUR 35 M on Buildings Renovation
Bulgaria has planned to dedicate about EUR 35 M to renovating housing blocks between 2006 and 2009. Apartment owners would be reimbursed for up to 20% of their energy efficiency...
11 May 2006 - Sofia News Agency
construction works / repair works, reconstruction
Eco Skyscrapers to Rise in Bulgaria
Eco skyscrapers from a last generation might rise in Bulgaria's capital Sofia, Black Sea cities Burgas and Varna and the country's second city Plovdiv over the next few years....
9 May 2006 - Sofia News Agency
architecture, design / architecture
Sofia Opens Central Railway Station for Concession
Sofia's central railway station will be opened for concession. The future concession was discussed Friday by Transport Minister Petar Mutafchiev and Sofia mayor Boyko Borissov....
25 April 2006 - Sofia News Agency
The Independent: 4 Types of Property Opportunities in Bulgaria
The property investment opportunities in Bulgaria fall into four main categories, wrote the Independent on Wednesday in an article that praises the property market potential of...
20 April 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Sofia Starts Talks with N-Plant Bidders
Russian company "Atomstroyexport" and Czech "Skoda" will be invited for negotiations over the future building of Bulgaria's Belene nuclear power plant. The two bidders and the...
19 April 2006 - Sofia News Agency
construction works / structural works
World's Leader in Air Conditioning Steps in Bulgaria
World's largest air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier established its first office in Bulgaria. The company, which is better known in Bulgaria as the brand Toshiba, due to the...
12 April 2006 - Sofia News Agency
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC / air conditioning equipment
Bulgarian Property Market to 'Bloom'
Bulgarian property market will bloom, Orchid Developments - a property and hotel operator specializing in Bulgaria predicts. Orchid operates in commercial, residential and retail...
11 April 2006 - Sofia News Agency
General Motors Eyes Bulgarian Partners
A General Motors delegation headed by Eric Alstrom, GM Europe Vice President is looking for partners in Bulgaria. A total of 22 Bulgarian companies working in different branches...
6 April 2006 - Sofia News Agency
US Sixth Foreign Investor in Bulgaria
The US has been ranked as the sixth foreign investor in Bulgaria, with USD 593 M entering the Balkan country so far. The country is placed right behind Austria, Greece, Germany,...
30 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Sofia Trails Bucharest in Property Prices
After a decade of rising prices on the property market, residential prices in the Bulgarian capital continue to be lower than that in Bucharest, Bratislava or Prague, shows data,...
27 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Spain's Construction Leader Enters Bulgaria
Spain's Dico Empresarial, which specializes in the construction and promotion of real estate property, plans to step on the Bulgarian market, the company announced. The company is...
24 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Construction Novelties on Display in Sofia
This year's edition of the most visited exhibition Stroiko-2000 has opened doors in Sofia offering space for display by 700 Bulgarian and foreign companies. Construction will...
23 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
construction works / complex construction works
Residential Credits Enjoy Increasing Interest in Bulgaria
Residential credit in Bulgaria attracts an increasing part of the common allocation of capital in the economy - some 28.8% from the total debt of the households in January 2006 as...
20 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Over 500 Companies Join Bulgarian Building Week Expo
Bulgaria's capital Sofia hosts the international "Bulgarian building week" expo that will continue to March 15. More than 500 companies from 25 different countries including...
13 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
construction works / complex construction works
Siemens Opens Plant in Bulgaria
Siemens will open a plant in Botevgrad to make high-tech equipment, the German giant published on Thursday. Bulgaria was chosen out of five countries, Siemens say, and some of the...
10 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Spaniards and Danes Buy off Property at Bulgaria's Seaside
Despite the fact that Spain is blessed with more than a generous amount of beaches, Bulgaria's seaside has obviously impressed the Spaniards and they are rushing for apartments in...
9 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Bulgarians Outpace EU in Home Ownership
Bulgarians boast highest levels of home ownership in Europe, according to the European Quality of Life Survey. A Dublin-based EU-agency has found that, despite poor material...
7 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
Real Estate
Burgas Overtakes Sofia in Newly Built Housing Stock
The number of newly built residential apartments in the Black Sea town of Burgas totaled 5082 in 2005, twice as much as in the capital Sofia, statistics show.New builds totaled...
7 March 2006 - Sofia News Agency
construction works / construction supervision

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