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Sofia Opens Central Railway Station for Concession

Sofia Opens Central Railway Station for ConcessionSofia's central railway station will be opened for concession. The future concession was discussed Friday by Transport Minister Petar Mutafchiev and Sofia mayor Boyko Borissov. Bulgaria's state and Sofia municipality will establish a joint company, which will also attract private capital. The transport ministry experts are preparing a strategy for the way investments will be searched for the railway stations in Bulgaria. They are mulling the option of allowing the future concessionaires to use the lands near the stations, provided that they repair the stations and maintain the nearby area.

Sofia municipality will send a list to the Transport Ministry with all terrains suitable for the construction of an intermodal terminal. "So far we are not going to tell you the areas we are reviewing to prevent speculations with real estates prices", Transport Minister Mutafchiev explained. The construction of the terminal is to be launched in the summer.

25 April 2006 - Sofia News Agency

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