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Bulgarian corporate deposits on the rise in Q3 2010
Corporate deposits with Bulgarian banks surged by BGN 336.3 million in the third quarter of 2010 and their number returned to growth after a decline at the beginning of the year....
12 November 2010 - Dnevnik
Household deposit rates fall faster than consumer loans
The annual decrease in Bulgaria's local-currency household deposits was nearly thrice that on consumer loans in July, according to the latest data by the Bulgarian National Bank...
27 August 2010 - Dnevnik
Bulgarian banks raise interest rates on euro mortgages
The interest rates on Bulgaria's housing mortgages have increased for both lev and euro currencies in June, showed the latest figures by the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). The...
28 July 2010 - Dnevnik
Credit growth slows down again in October
Lending in Bulgaria rose by a paltry 0.29% month-on-month in October, slackening its pace form a 1.7% increase the previous month, according to data of the Bulgarian National Bank...
25 November 2009 - Dnevnik
Bulgaria lending still hovers near freezing point Aug 2009
The Bulgarian credit market eked out an anemic increase of slightly over 0% in August in a sign that unclogging could be tougher than expected, showed the latest figures of the...
25 September 2009 - Dnevnik
Business, home loan defaults zoom over 30% M/M
Overdue housing loans have ballooned by 37.5% on the month in June 2009, outpacing all other segments, according to the latest figures of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). Bad...
24 July 2009 - Dnevnik
Bulgaria loan rates creep up after brief cool-off
After leveling off and even edging lower for two months, interest rates on consumer and housing loans in Bulgaria turned around in May to top 13.96% and 10.39%, respectively. The...
26 June 2009 - Dnevnik
Crisis hits non-banking lenders
Bulgarian non-banking firms giving quick loans to businesses and individuals saw their portfolios dwindle 11.5% in the first quarter as the global economic deterioration weakened...
21 May 2009 - Dnevnik
Banks give double less loans Nov 2008
Bulgarian banks have BGN 351.7 million of new corporate and household loans in November as the recent credit boom of 60% growth rates came to an end, showed data of the central...
29 December 2008 - Dnevnik
Non-banking lenders gain ground despite high cost
Customers have started in the past two or three months to switch from banks to non-banking consumer lenders in spite of the higher prices, said executive directors of some of the...
10 December 2008 - Dnevnik
New bank loans pass BGN 700m benchmark Oct 2008
Bulgarian banks gave BGN 723.1 million worth of new loans in October, showed data of the central bank. New corporate loans topped BGN 316 million while households borrowed a fresh...
26 November 2008 - Dnevnik
Loan rates bounce back to 2004 levels
The interest rates on the local-currency loans of Bulgarian banks climbed back to where they were three or four years ago in September 2008, central bank statistics showed. Loan...
30 October 2008 - Dnevnik
Single bank cuts loan rate at Stroiko 2000 trade show
Bulgarian banks used to overwhelm customers with loan promotions, but just one has ventured special lending rates at the 15th international construction and home renovation fair...
17 October 2008 - Dnevnik
Credit crunch to hike loan prices in Bulgaria
The global financial turmoil will send shock waves through the Bulgarian market as the higher cost of resources will increase end loan prices, bankers projected. Pressure on...
18 September 2008 - Dnevnik
Two Named Bulgaria's Bank of The Year
Bulgaria's DSK and the United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) shared the Bank of The Year 2005 Award in a ceremony held in Sofia on Wednesday night. That was the first time for the prize,...
7 July 2006 - Sofia News Agency
EBRD to Invest EUR 300 M a Year in Bulgaria
The European Bank of Restoration and Development (EBRD) is planning to invest close to EUR 300 M in Bulgaria each year for the following five years. According to the bank's new...
22 May 2006 - Sofia News Agency
EBRD to Invest 500 mln EUR in Bulgaria over the Next 2 Years
The EBRD will loan 500 mln euro to Bulgarian projects over the next 2 years as part of its new country strategy, bank president Jean Lemierre told a seminar in Sofia on Thursday,...
10 February 2006 - dnevnik
EBRD Investments in Bulgaria Top EUR 1 B
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has invested EUR 1 B in Bulgaria, it emerged at a meeting of Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev with Olivier Descamps, Director...
22 November 2005 - Sofia News Agency
Banks Reduce Interest Rates for Mortgage Loans to 3.9%
HVB Bank Biochim and its sibling bank Hebros stunned the local banking community on Monday, October 3, with an offer for a euro mortgage loan with an APR of 3.9% for the first...
4 October 2005 - Dnevnik

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