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Kross International Ltd.

Investment design and construction of residential and administrative buildings on own plots or against compensation. Real estate sale and rental.
construction works  /residential construction

Monolit Style

Manufacture of modular and upholstered furniture for hotels, offices, administrative buildings.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Brevas Ltd.

Delivery and laying of machine plasters. Brevas Ltd. is an official distributor of ABS machine plasters and always keeps supplies in stock.
building materials  /plasters, renders

Fancho Style Ltd.

Manufactures furniture by individual design, complete home furnishing - kitchen, bedroom, children's room, wardrobes and others. Furnishing for offices, hotels, shops. Interior doors.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Bulko Commerce Ltd.

The company produces and installs all kinds of rolling shutters, metal blinds - manual and automatic, folding, steel, armoured, industrial doors.
doors, windows, blinds  /doors, grids

Iposys SD

Direct importer of elements and fabrics for vertical textile blinds. Manufacture and installation of vertical blinds. Remote control.
doors, windows, blinds  /blinds, shades, awnings

Prolet ltd

Prolet Ltd. produces wicker handmade bulgarian garden and home furniture and articles.
gardens, landscaping  /garden furniture

SG Engineering

Consultancy in the field of energy and other infrastructure projects. Delivery and laying of waterproofing systems manufactured by Carlisle SynTec Inc. USA.

Naiden Naidenov Sole Trader

Manufactures cast iron and aluminium wares: ladders, alcoves, benches, tables, fountains, fireplaces, doors, fence elements, decorative cloumns and parapets.
doors, windows, blinds  /stairs, railings, balustrades

Rimex Sole Trader

Steam heating, air-conditioning, underfloor heating and others.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /heating systems

Meta TEX Ltd.

Manufacturing, import and trade in bedlinen and bedspreads, towels, covers, pillows, workwear and others.
furnishings, equipment  /bedspreads, bedlinen

Valerii Sole Trader

Import and trade with furniture lining (hinges, drawer slides, locks, handles), furniture wheels.
furniture  /furniture hardware

Plastica Design House

Design and manufacturing of upholstered furniture. Complex furnishing for residences, offices, hotels by individual projects. Solid wood. Leather. damasks.
furniture  /upholstered furniture

Klimat Ltd.

Design, supply, installation and service of air-conditioning and ventilating systems.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /ventilation

Cortner Design Ltd.

A company with traditions in the trade in leading Italian products. It offers complete furnishing services for offices, hotels and restaurants as well as home furniture.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

VRV Design Ltd.

Manufacturing of kitchen broad boards and sinks from polymer marble.
furniture  /kitchen furniture


Commercial furnishing, window-dolls, hall-stands, racks, shelves, counters, stalls, glass-cases. Standard and non-standard furnishing according to your or our project.
furnishings, equipment  /shop furniture and equipment

Alko Ltd.

Wooden prefabricated houses and other wooden wares. Garden furniture, manufacture and installation of metal constructions, construction repair works.
construction works  /assembly houses

Ekoenergy Ltd.

Manufacture of highly efficient fluorescent luminaries for production workshops, office buildings, heath care and educational establishments.
appliances, lighting  /lighting products

DIK Ltd.

An exclusive representative for Schuller Eh'Klar G.m.b.H - Austria and Go Plast Srl - Italy in Bulgaria. Hand tools and building materials. Plumbing components. National distribution network.
machines, equipment, tools  /tools
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