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Clear rules to tidy up renewables development in Bulgaria

Clear rules to tidy up renewables development in BulgariaThe Bulgarian government should come up with clear rules and mechanisms to minimise the risks for renewable energy projects, energy minister Traycho Traykov told state-run news agency BTA Sunday. His statement comes two weeks after Bulgaria’s environment minister Nona Karadjova said the government is pondering freezing clean energy projects that have submitted applications for planning approval and a change in land status.

"Our top priority at the moment is drawing up clear rules and mechanisms so that the risks facing renewable energy could be manageable and minimised. On the other hand, it is important that we balance the interests of renewable energy generators, operators and power grids with the interest of society as a whole. A decision to temporarily restrict new projects could be only made after extensive discussions with all stakeholders", Traykov explained. He said that clean energy generation is not affecting end-user power rates as it accounts for just 1.5% of the nation’s total output.

Only seven or eight renewable energy projects have secured investment, while the others are speculators converting land to sell it on to real investors, Karadjova said on Wednesday. She brushed off warnings by the industry that a possible temporary suspension of renewable energy projects could drive away EUR 1 billion investments from Bulgaria. Karadjova said the measure is designed to ensure a "predictable and transparent" process for businesses.

28 December 2009 - Dnevnik

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