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Workaround found for Sofia ring road project

Workaround found for Sofia ring road project

Two of the most trafficked stretches of the yet-unbuilt section of the Sofia ring road will go underground or be mounted on trestles in a bid to jump-start the project which has been stalled by property owners resisting the routing of the motorway through their land. The work-around, which will apply for financing from the EU funds, was discussed at a meeting of the municipal territorial planning council last week.

The new plans concern a 12 km section from the Bulgaria boulevard to the Pernik-bound railway and a 3 km section between the Kliment Ohridski and Alexander Malinov boulevards. The planned tunnel and trestle will both have double decks, keeping separate the high-speed cross-town traffic and neighborhood traffic.

5 June 2007 - Dnevnik

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