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Highway Concessions in Bulgaria to Generate two Billion Euro Revenue

Highway Concessions in Bulgaria to Generate two Billion Euro Revenue

Bulgaria would receive over two billion euro by 2013 from highway concessions, Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski said during a forum aimed at discussing the national strategy for integrated infrastructure in Bulgaria from 2006 to 2015. The main sources of income for the state budget included investment in the public sector, the EU structural and cohesion funds, funding from international financial institutions and public-private partnerships. Oresharski said that the public-private partnership would generate revenue of over two billion euro from highway and 100 million euro from port concessions.

The Cabinet expected that until 2015 the GDP growth would maintain levels of average 5.5 per cent annually. In 2015 the GDP was expected to reach 90 billion euro reported. According to government predictions, the direct foreign investment in the public sector would double over the coming years. Oresharski said that the foreign investment expansion could threaten the country's macroeconomic stability. By 2013 Bulgaria would receive over 1.3 billion euro from the EU structural funds. The money would be allocated to infrastructure development in the transport and environment spheres. Bulgaria could draw loans for nearly 500 million euro from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and over 100 million euro from the World Bank.

14 July 2006 - Sofia Echo

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