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Copenhagen Airports Ready to Invest in Bulgarian Seaside Airports

Copenhagen Airports Ready to Invest in Bulgarian Seaside AirportsInternational airport operator Copenhagen Airports A/S is ready to start with the modernization and development of the airports in Varna and Burgas, immediately after the Supreme court announces its concession decision about the two seaside sites. The company was eagerly awaiting the decision, Christian Gorm Hoffman, financial director of Copenhagen Airports International A/S and executive director of Burgas-Varna Airports said.

At a press conference in Sofia on Sunday, Hoffman presented the company's plans concerning the future development of the two airports. The airports needed immediate improvements in their capacity and quality of service, in order to handle the serious growth in passengers and traffic expected during the following tourist season, Hoffman added. A temporary expansion of the departure terminal, including additional check in boxes and parking places are among the most urgent changes needed in Burgas airport. Modernizing the security equipment and adding more to the catering and commercial facilities would also be on the to-do list.

Varna airport needs the immediate building of a temporary depot that would serve international arrivals, an upgrade of the current arrivals lounge and modernization of the catering and commercial facilities. The landing and take-off strips would also be renewed, along with security equipment.

Should it win the concession, the company is willing to invest EUR 25 M during the first year of the concession period leading to a total of EUR 140 M invested in the first three to four years. If Copenhagen Airports did not receive the concession this could have a negative effect on the bilateral exchange of goods between Danemark and Bulgaria, Danish Ambassador Svend Boje Madsen said at the press conference where he publicly announced his support for the company.

Copenhagen Airports AS appealed the decision of the Bulgaria's Supreme Administrative Court, which cancelled the Council of Ministers decision on the concession agreement between Bulgaria and Copenhagen Airports AS. On October 20 the court registered lack of experience of the picked candidate and violations in the tender procedure executed by the tender commission.

5 December 2005 - Sofia News Agency

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