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Record-High New Homes on Sale in Sofia

Record-High New Homes on Sale in SofiaA record-high 2 million square meters of newly built floorage will be on sale in the capital Sofia alone by the end of 2006, the National Real Property Association announced.
About 500,000 square meters will be supplied by the end of this year, exceeding twice the demand, the association head Orlin Vladikov said, as cited by local 24 Hours Daily.
The daily comments that the floorage of an average flat amounts to 90 square meters, which makes a total of 22,000 new flats out for sale by the end of next year.

Sofia real estate market scored its previous record in 1985 when 16,500 newly built were out for sale. The National Real Property Association incorporates members from 27 populated centres throughout Bulgaria.

24 October 2005 - Sofia News Agency

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