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Over 300 Projects to Be Funded by Public Investment Projects

Over 300 Projects to Be Funded by Public Investment ProjectsThe Council of Ministers approved projects of national and local significance, which are to be implemented with the assistance of Public Investment Projects EAD. It was negotiated with the IMF for BGN 220 million of the capital of the partnership to fund public projects in the second and third three months of 2005, with a view to enhancing the countrys infrastructure. This will fund the implementation of over 300 public investment projects of national or local significance. Infrastructure projects of high economic and social significance are prioritized in the procedure. When shortlisting the applicants, Ministries took into consideration the following priority areas:
- the construction of new road infrastructure (reconstruction and repairs of state and municipal roads or sections), related to enhancing security, environment protection and road safety;
- sites related to environment protection activities, concerning water, air, waste, in line with strategies, programmes and plans;
- the construction, maintenance and development of railway infrastructure, in compliance with the annual programme, approved by the Minister of Transport and Communications, concerning the construction, maintenance, works and development of railway infrastructure;
- other profitable projects.
The shortlisted projects are within BGN 220 million, which is their funding in 2005.

4 April 2005 -

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