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Top 10 One-Color Schemes for Home Decor


  1. Black and White. Always a classic, black and white looks crisp, clean, and classy. Think black and white checkerboard floors, black furniture against white walls, or black striped drapes against a wall of red.
  2.  Blue and White. Soothing and serene, blue and white reminds us of lakes, sky, and sea. The look of blue and white can be interpreted in a nautical theme, spa-like sophistication, or in a formal French toile. Pastel robin's egg blue is pretty when applied to the wall, while deeper tones of navy are perfect for upholstery.
  3.  Red and White. A red and white scheme is often used for patterned toiles and checks. However, this is only one use of the scheme. Themed decor with strawberries or apple motifs can also be done in red and white. For a contemporary look try red and white with small touches of another dramatic color like black, aqua, or hot pink.
  4. Green and White. Green is a relaxing hue in many of its iterations. Garden greens can be used in a one-color scheme in motifs of leaves and ferns. Look for soft green toile fabrics too. Neighboring greens -- yellow-green or blue-green -- can give greens a punch in a decorating scheme that uses lime or aqua.
  5. Brown and White. Brown is one of the newest darlings of decorating. Dark brown walls envelop a room in a cozy coating of bittersweet chocolate hues. This scheme needs lots of white to balance the darker tones, but is easy to live with and dramatically attractive.
  6. Tan and White. Not ready for dark brown? Perhaps a lighter tan is your cup of tea. Consider everything from a medium saddle tan to a pale sandy tone for the walls, outlined everywhere with white moldings. Matching furniture will create a neutral palette that can be easily updated with pops of color whenever you please. 
  7.  Pastels and White. Pale colors look wonderful paired with white. If you love pastels consider painting every room a different tint -- pink, yellow, pale green, baby blue, and aqua -- for a home you will truly adore. Again, white will tie the spaces together with moldings and trim.
  8.  Orange and White. Though it may not yet be a mainstream color, orange is making a strong comeback in popularity. Coastal homes use this color that harkens to fresh citrus while middle-America prizes the color for the overwhelmingly happy note it adds to a space. Even on a dreary day it would be hard to be sad in a room dashed with orange and white.
  9.  Purple and White. Passionate purple is most often used for kids' rooms, yet subtler tones of purple can be effective in the bedroom and bath. Though some people do not enjoy this hue, if you're in love with it, then find ways to use it in your home.
  10.  White and White. Brilliant whites might be hard to live with for some, yet softer tones of ivory, beige, cream, and milky hues may just be your idea of heaven. These whites are tinged with undertones of color and can bring subtle distinction to your home.

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