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Nautical Wall Clock

A wooden plate and life preserver combine to make a unique nautical wall clock.
Materials: wooden plateclock mechanismnumbersdrilllife preservertie-off cleatpaint (white, blue, dark blue, red)paintbrushespainter's taperulercombination squarehot glue gunclock numbersscrap paperSteps:
1. Drill a hole in the center of the plate the appropriate bit size for the clock stem.
2. Paint the clock face blue and let it dry. To add semaphore clock markings, place a ruler across the center of the plate and make a mark at three and nine o'clock. Use a combination square to find the placement for six and 12 o'clock3. Paint circular darker blue strokes with a slightly watered down blue followed by watered down white to create wave lines. Let dry.
4. Cut a paper template for the triangular flags and trace it on the layout lines. Tape-off the triangles and paint each white. Let dry. Tape-off and paint the other areas for the red designs (figure B). Let dry.
5. Make tick marks for numbers and attach them using hot glue.
6. Attach the clock mechanism as directed.
7. Set the clock in position on the life preserver and secure with hot glue around the edge.

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