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Choosing and Establishing Plants for Ponds

To make part of your backyard like natural wetlands, use a mix of diverse plants. Most trees, shrubs, ferns, and many other plants grow best in soils that are only saturated early in the growing season and after heavy rains.

Others, like the true bog plants, need almost continually saturated soil. Plants like water lilies need to be continually flooded. Once established, plants like cattails will thrive in water a couple feet deep, but also in areas that are wet for only short periods. However, most have a narrower tolerance range that may vary depending on where you live. Always check with your local nursery or other expert before making final decisions on what varieties to plant. Plants should always be purchased from a reliable source.Native Trees Tolerant of Wet Soils: Red and silver maple River birch Catalpa spp. AshCottonwoodSwamp white oak SycamoresNative shrubs tolerant of wet soils: Red osier dogwood LeatherwoodWinterberryInkberryPussy willow

Shrubby cinquefoil Native Herbaceous and Flowering Plants for Sunny Moist or Boggy Conditions: CattailsJoe-Pye weed Great blue lobelia IronweedBlue flag iris BonesetCardinal flower

Marsh marigold

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