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Repair Aluminum Gutter

Aluminum Gutters Aluminum is a moderately priced and rust-resistant material popular with newer installations. It comes unfinished or factory-painted. The downside is that aluminum tends to leak at joints because the metal expands and contracts too much for sealant to hold permanently. Also it dents easily.Gutter Basics
Gutters are a critical component of your house because they prevent moisture damage by channeling water off the roof and away from the foundation. But any damaged lengths of gutter or drainpipe can cause leaks which can negate the gutters and result in water damage to your home.When gutters fail, you need to evaluate the type and extent of damage in order to select the best repair method. Some minor repairs can be done yourself.
Of course, keeping your gutters free of debris and leaves (use a trowel if you do it yourself) and flushing out clogged downspouts is essential. Mesh gutter guards will help prevent clogs in the future.

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