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Install Copper Gutter

Copper Gutters
Copper is an expensive material that is strong, durable, rust-resistant and nearly maintenance free. It will weather green unless you coat it with a clear sealant. It needs to be installed by a professional.
Gutter Basics
Gutters are critical components of a house because they protect both the roof and the foundations from moisture damage by channeling water from the roof out away from the house.
The standard square-edge style is also called the "box" style. It has sharp, boxy, square edges, and you see this on a lot of commercial sites. The "ogee detail" style, which kind of looks like an exterior crown molding, is also called "K-style." It's slightly more decorative, giving your home's exterior a more finished look.
You'll need a variety of pieces to make your gutter system work. Both inside and outside corner pieces for gutters are also known as elbow joints. They're used to make right turns in your gutter system.

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