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Popular Drapery Styles

With a rejuvenation of interest in textiles and fabrics, selecting draperies is an invitation to give your windows a beautiful new presentation. Draperies can provide a complete window treatment, or they can be integrated as a design element when combined with other treatments.
For a more formal, ornate look, floor-length draperies are the most dramatic and can be used to hide unattractive window frames as well. The dressiest draperies are lined with another fabric to give them extra body. A formal look can be rendered more light-hearted by the choice of a more casual fabric or print, and by choosing to scallop the borders of the draperies.
One popular style, especially when combined with shades or blinds, entails a light, sheer drape, hung over the top and sides of the window. This romantic look works particularly well in bedrooms. For kitchens and baths, a short drape adds a perky look that can tie into the rooms color scheme.
Be sure to consider window locations, paying particular attention to privacy needs and to sun exposure on fabrics as well as to fabric care. And dont forget hardware. Choices have never been more dazzling. There are decorative rods, swags and for the most genteel draperies, and hardware with a touch of whimsy. Rods and other accessories are available in unlimited finishes from paint surfaces to antique patina. Chances are, when youve finished the window in one room, youll want to move on the next.

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