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Decorative and Practical Draperies

Lining is fabric or material on the window side of a drapery that helps them hang, protects sensitive fibers from sun damage and can add helpful insulating ability to protect the inside temperature from the outside climate.
Insulation is a type of fabric or material in a lining that can protect from either outside heat or cold.
A valance is a decorative window treatment that covers and frames the top part of the drapery.
A scarf is a broad band of cloth that can be used in free form to accent window coverings by wrapping, covering or adorning.
A pouf is a decorative accent to fabric created by gathering together fabric to give it a balloon effect.
A swag is a decorative accent to fabric created by hanging a fabric in a curved pattern between two points.
Tie-backs are a decorative effect using a cord, chain, rope or cloth to secure the draperies back away from the window.
Made of wood or metal, decorative rods span the window frame and act as the primary support for the drapery or scarf.
A sheer, a see-through or sheer fabric usually used as an inner drapery, gives a softening effect to window treatment.
Fullness. The fullness of draperies is measured by calculating the proportion of fabric needed to cover a width of a window. Fuller draperies will have more folds (or pleats) in them. The pleats accordion the wider fabric to the width of the window.
Mounting. Window coverings can be mounted inside or outside the window frame. Most units sit outside the frame, covering not just the window but also the frame itself. Inside mounts allow the shade or shutter to sit flush with the wall. This is usually seen with shutters or blinds.Draw. The draw is how you close and open the draperies. A 'left' draw is a one-piece drapery that closes by pulling the drapery to the left side. Likewise a 'right' draw closes by pulling the drapery to the right. A 'center' draw is the most common, splitting the draperies in half and pulling from both sides to the center to close.

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