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Choosing Between Blinds or Shades

Windows of every conceivable size and type have opened up a wide array of decorating possibilities and elevated them to an important status in every room. Window treatments have followed suit, and today there are many options for designer looks.
Shades and blinds, once rather unglamorous, functional necessities for providing window coverage have come a long way. Vertical, fabric blinds adorn large windows for a light and airy look and can be rotated for privacy when desired. The latest styles in Venetian blinds afford privacy and can be opened at various angles to allow light in. Many of the more inexpensive mini-blinds are available in a variety of pastels and bright colors, especially appealing for children's rooms and other casual areas.
Others, such as wooden blinds with wider slats lend a sophisticated air. When combined with other window treatments, such as a valance, the top of the blind and its hardware are hidden, giving a clean natural look.Shades have come a long way from the standard white pull-down variety. Designed in billows and folds, such as the popular balloon shade, these window coverings can be made in any fabric to complement decor.
The most important basic consideration for shades and blinds is proper measuring of the window. Shades may be installed with an inside or outside mounts. Inside mounts are inside the window frame while outside mounts cover the window and more if necessary, giving the window a larger appearance than it is. Be sure to use steel, not a cloth, tape measure. Once the window is completed, it will become as enjoyable as your favorite furnishings.

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