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Drinking Glasses

Over the years, many of us acquire a collection of differently shaped and sized drinking glasses as if they were hallmarks from a lost time. One free 32-ounce plastic cup with neon lettering from this retailer, a set of pint-sized glasses for lemonade on sale from another store. Maybe you can't bear to part with your collection of mix-matched glasses?
Imagine that a guest, maybe a dignitary, is visiting your home. This person asks for a drink of water and is greeted with the only piece the packed dishwasher will reject a Pokemon cup with an attached, bendable straw. Of course, all parties present may laugh about it momentarily, but later the guest rejects an invitation to visit again the home of the ill-prepared, even tasteless host.
Aside from social graces over which interior designers have too little control consider what drinking glasses can add to the aesthetics of a kitchen. A complete set of glasses that complement the color scheme of the kitchen can help create mood and harmony. Bring all of the details together through using similar styles, colors, or patterns. As a result, the entire space will look infinitely more pleasing to the eye. Not only will the attractive glasses brighten up the interiors when people are using them, but also they can act as attractive display pieces.
Your purpose should be to draw attention toward the attractive pieces and divert focus away from items that are, while functional, an eyesore. The nice thing about glassware is that there's no excuse for your client to not have well-designed, coordinated pieces. They are definitely available, and they come in large quantities to fit a wide range of tastes.
First, let's look at some of the many styles in drink glasses. Of course, we all know that they come in materials ranging from clay and wood to plastic and other synthetic materials. For the sake of simplicity, let's stick with the glass products. Sometimes drinking glasses can be expensive, which will keep many from placing them in the hands of their three-year-olds. But for those with small children who will somehow get to the glasses anyway, there are more reasonably priced items. Another way to add color to a kitchen space without changing the color of your wallet from green to black (as in empty) is to color coordinate your glasses with one another.
Choose a rainbow of colors that work together and also pick up tones and colors from other objects in the space. Decorating with accent pieces, such as this lemonade pourer is an excellent way to create a fun and an attractive setting. Otherwise, a mix-match of same sized glasses is a nice touch.

When using a set that has the same design to accent a room, add some variety by mixing up the size of the glasses. Clear glasses will work best when there are some dramatic colors in the room to add contrast.

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