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You may think of chrome as a metallic substance rather than as a color, but as you know, we take many of the names of the colors in our world from the substances in which theyre most readily found. Think of orange, for example. Or chartreuse.
But indeed, when youre looking at the decorating possibilities of a room, youd be wise not to overlook working with chrome not only as a substance, but as a color as well.
Here, we see chrome used first in the places youd most expect to find it: the kitchen and the bath.
Were accustomed to finding chrome fixtures and sinks in bathrooms, but to jazz things up a bit, try combining the chrome with something unexpected. Here, the choice of a dark wooden mirror frame, and the wrought-iron shelving, works in harmony with the chrome sink, even though the looks are different.
The mirror frame looks very old-fashioned, and you can see, reflected in the mirror, the old-fashioned tub. These help to balance the ultra-modern look of the sink, and the wrought iron shelving, combined with the wooden mirror frame, bring a Spanish flair to the room.
Tip: Often people shy away from using chrome because they fear it will make a room appear cold. This is a danger, but there are plenty of tricks you can use to bring warmth to the room while still enjoying the modern look of the chrome.
Chrome does well when paired with deep, rich colors, as it doesnt wash them out or compete with them. You might try maroon, deep blue, and forest green with chrome, for an effect thats striking without appearing to be too cold.

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