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Delivery, installation and service of pumps for home and industrial water supply.
plumbing  /pumps, hydrophores

Mar Mag Ltd.

Supplier of building materials for both structural and finishing works. Our customers can count on our professional service at attractive prices, express delivery and an extensive product range.
flooring, cladding, lining  /faience, terracotta, granitogres

Teka Bulgaria Ltd.

Founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of Teka Industrial S.A., Spain, the company offers domestic and professional equipment for the kitchen and bathroom - sinks, taps, ovens, hobs, hoods, microwaves.
furnishings, equipment  /hotel equipment

Total Therm Ltd.

Total Therm Ltd. offers its customers a wide range of components for heating,


, air conditioning and electrical wiring installations.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /heating systems


Design, supply and installation of heating, internal


and air-conditioning systems. Authorised dealer of Uponor, Germany for PEX pipes. Vaillant (Germany) gas equipment.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /heating systems

Akwaror Ltd.

Exclusive agent for the German companies: - Poloplast - POLYMUTAN


installations of high-quality polypropylene; - Sensus - water-metering systems from 1/2" to 2000 mm.
plumbing  /pipes, fittings


Automatic and antibacterial water filters. Devices for protecting


installations from incrustration and corrosion.
plumbing  /water purification

Bul Nupi Ltd.

Supplies and installs PEHD and P pipes and fittings, as well as stopping


fittings, baffler, reverse flaps, fire hydrant water posts.
plumbing  /pipes, fittings

Ecotermal Private Co.

Manufacturer of electic boilers, combined boilers. Solar collectors.
plumbing  /pipes, fittings

Watec Ltd.

Manufacture and engineering of automated softening, desalinating, filtering, etc. installation.
plumbing  /mixer taps, valves

Katelievi & Co - 90

The company manufactures saunas complying with the size of the customer's premises and using stoves of Bulgarian and Finnish make.
plumbing  /plumbing engineering

Aldjinon Sole Trader

Bathroom accessories, sanitary pipes and fittings, bathroom equipment.
plumbing  /mixer taps, valves

Pump Centre - Sofia Ltd.

The company offers a variety of high-quality pumps by leading manufacturers.
plumbing  /pumps, hydrophores

Vodno Stopanstvo

Design and implementation of hydrotechnical, irrigational, industrial and transport facilities.
plumbing  /plumbing engineering

Viorel Hanu

Importer and distributor of hydrophores, pressure switches, pressure gauges, expansion vessels, presure tanks, cas-iron radiators.
plumbing  /pumps, hydrophores
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