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Teka Bulgaria Ltd.

Founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of Teka Industrial S.A., Spain, the company offers domestic and professional equipment for the kitchen and bathroom - sinks, taps, ovens, hobs, hoods, microwaves.
furnishings, equipment  /hotel equipment

Total Therm Ltd.

Total Therm Ltd. offers its customers a wide range of components for heating,


, air conditioning and electrical wiring installations.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /heating systems


Design, supply and installation of heating, internal


and air-conditioning systems. Authorised dealer of Uponor, Germany for PEX pipes. Vaillant (Germany) gas equipment.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /heating systems

Akwaror Ltd.

Exclusive agent for the German companies: Poloplast - Polymutan


installations of high-quality polypropylene; Sensus - water-metering systems from 1/2" to 2000 mm.
plumbing  /pipes, fittings


Automatic and antibacterial water filters. Devices for protecting


installations from incrustration and corrosion.
plumbing  /water purification

Bul Nupi Ltd.

Supplies and installs PEHD and P pipes and fittings, as well as stopping


fittings, baffler, reverse flaps, fire hydrant water posts.
plumbing  /pipes, fittings

Ecotermal Private Co.

Manufacturer of electic boilers, combined boilers. Solar collectors.
plumbing  /pipes, fittings

Watec Ltd.

Manufacture and engineering of automated softening, desalinating, filtering, etc. installation.
plumbing  /mixer taps, valves

Katelievi & Co - 90

The company manufactures saunas complying with the size of the customer's premises and using stoves of Bulgarian and Finnish make.
plumbing  /plumbing engineering

Aldjinon Sole Trader

Bathroom accessories, sanitary pipes and fittings, bathroom equipment.
plumbing  /mixer taps, valves

Pump Centre - Sofia Ltd.

The company offers a variety of high-quality pumps by leading manufacturers.
plumbing  /pumps, hydrophores

Vodno Stopanstvo

Design and implementation of hydrotechnical, irrigational, industrial and transport facilities.
plumbing  /plumbing engineering

Viorel Hanu

Importer and distributor of hydrophores, pressure switches, pressure gauges, expansion vessels, presure tanks, cas-iron radiators.
plumbing  /pumps, hydrophores
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