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Oikos - BG Ltd.

Represents in Bulgaria the leading Italian manufacturer OIKOS Srl. Eco-friendly decorative paints and plasters. Interior and exterior solutions.
building materials  /paints, varnishes, mastic, fillers

MTM Ltd.

MTM Ltd offers efficient and high-tech solutions for repairs and maintenance of industrial facilities and marine economy.
flooring, cladding, lining  /industrial floors

Vector Ltd.

Vector Ltd. specializes in the production of adhesives, coats, paints, hydro-insulations, plasters, primers and other materials for civil building.
building materials  /paints, varnishes, mastic, fillers

Terasol Bulgaria Ltd.

Anti condensation and anti mould covers thermoshield. Thermoshield is layed like paint and guarantees protection against condensation and mould, as well as decreasing the heating expenses.
insulation  /thermal insulation

Polycore - 2000 Varna

The company realizes anticorrosive preparations and protections with rubber mixtures, paints, varnishes and resins.
insulation  /corrosion protection

Pro 6 Ltd.

Complex study, design and construction of residential, public and industrial buildings and facilities.
construction works  /complex construction works

Electroinform Ltd.

Design and installation of electrical wiring systems, fire-alarm systems, electronic security.
electrical equipment  /fire-alarm systems

Hector 2000 Ltd.

The company manufactures, supplies and installs a wide range of furniture made of solid wood and other materials, natural veneer and others.
architecture, design  /interior design

Metal AD

Manufacture and trade in building and furniture hardware, steel strips, zinc.
furnishings, equipment  /locking systems

Furniture Studio Pro Log

Bespoke furniture; fitted furniture (wardrobes, kitchen cupboards); made to measure furniture. Complete furniture packages.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Top build Ltd.

Complex construction. Consultancy activities.

Slovenian Trade And Enterprise Project Ltd.

Energy-saving construction, based on assembly and monolithic structures of high seismic resistance. Energy-saving light-weight wall.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /energy saving

Union Korrect Ltd.

Design and construction of residential and public buildings.
architecture, design  /design

Granit 91 & Co.

Finishing works and sales of materials imported from Germany and Austria. Thermal insulation of outdoor facades.
construction works  /finishing works

Katelievi & Co - 90

The company manufactures saunas complying with the size of the customer's premises and using stoves of Bulgarian and Finnish make.
plumbing  /plumbing engineering

Varna Build Ltd.

Full engineering. Architectural and interior design. Perfect professional workmanship.
construction works  /complex construction works

Obedinena textilna kompania Ltd.

Import and sales of interior textiles for furnishing your home, office, hotel.
furnishings, equipment  /bedspreads, bedlinen

Planeks Holding Ltd.

A major building contractor of public, residential and industrial buildings.

Bratia Kostovi Ltd.

Manufacture of furniture hardware of metal - hangers and furniture handles.
furniture  /furniture hardware

Novotech 95

Construction of residential buildings. Design, investment.
construction works  /complex construction works
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