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Watec Ltd.

Manufacture and engineering of automated softening, desalinating, filtering, etc. installation.
plumbing  /mixer taps, valves

Bike Plus Ltd.

Interior and exterior landscaping. Seeds, fertilizers and preparations. Wide range of garden accessories.
gardens, landscaping  /pest control

Shans 65 Ltd.

Furniture factory, manufacturing of standard and optional furniture.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Proam Sole Trader

Supply, installation and maintenance of both home and office security systems.
electrical equipment  /security alarm systems

Granit 91 & Co.

Finishing works and sales of materials imported from Germany and Austria. Thermal insulation of outdoor facades.
construction works  /finishing works

Teka Still Ltd.

Imports and trades in materials and elements for furniture manufacturing, decoration and interior design.
furnishings, equipment  /hotel equipment

Encouragement Bank AD

Investment credits over SAPARD programme, long-term investment credits.

Akkoon SD

Imports facings, door automatics, decorative elements for fences from Poland, Italy and Spain.
doors, windows, blinds  /hardware


Manufactures non-standard metal constructions and wares. Interior design. Outdoor advertising.
building materials  /metal structures

Rotes - Ltd.

Complex study and design.
architecture, design  /design

SMT - Stanka Tasheva 99 Ltd.

Construction of residential buildings. Design, investment, construction and sales of newly built flats, commercial sites, offices.

Reides Ltd.

Design. Complex construction of residential, administrative and industrial buildings.
construction works  /repair works, reconstruction

Geoprecize - engineering Ltd.

Geodesy, cadastre, complex geodetic measurements to identify distortions of buildings.
architecture, design  /geodesy

Geosolar - B 63 Ltd.

Energy saving heating installations. Manufacture and installation of ground connected air-conditioners with thermal pump.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /energy saving

Grines & Co.

Complex design and construction of industrial, residential and public buildings and facilities.
construction works  /industrial sites

Komfortex Ltd.

Trade with carpets and strips of carpet - import from Belgium and Germany. Low prices.
flooring, cladding, lining  /carpets, fitted carpets, wallpaper

Katelievi & Co - 90

The company manufactures saunas complying with the size of the customer's premises and using stoves of Bulgarian and Finnish make.
plumbing  /plumbing engineering

ST - Ltd.

Urban planning solutions. Complete architectural and engineering studies and design.
architecture, design  /architecture

Elegance Peevi & Co.

Design and turnkey construction of all kinds of buildings.
construction works  /complex construction works

Varna Build Ltd.

Full engineering. Architectural and interior design. Perfect professional workmanship.
construction works  /complex construction works
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