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Proizvodstveno tehnicheska baza Burgas

Manufacture and sale of concrete mixes and lime solutions, reinforcement wire, ironmongery and tinsmith's products.
building materials  /ready-mixed concrete, mortar

Oreol Ltd.

Import of kitchen plots, cabinet doors, seals, profiles, cornises and accessories.
furniture  /kitchen furniture

Profil Ltd.

Pipes and fittings for gas distribution wiremesh, water supply, sewerage and telecomunication systems.
doors, windows, blinds  /stairs, railings, balustrades

Union Korrect Ltd.

Design and construction of residential and public buildings.
architecture, design  /design

Bike Plus Ltd.

Interior and exterior landscaping. Seeds, fertilizers and preparations. Wide range of garden accessories.
gardens, landscaping  /pest control

Watec Ltd.

Manufacture and engineering of automated softening, desalinating, filtering, etc. installation.
plumbing  /mixer taps, valves

Proam Sole Trader

Supply, installation and maintenance of both home and office security systems.
electrical equipment  /security alarm systems

Shans 65 Ltd.

Furniture factory, manufacturing of standard and optional furniture.
furniture  /complete furnishing services

Granit 91 & Co.

Finishing works and sales of materials imported from Germany and Austria. Thermal insulation of outdoor facades.
construction works  /finishing works

Akkoon SD

Imports facings, door automatics, decorative elements for fences from Poland, Italy and Spain.
doors, windows, blinds  /hardware

Encouragement Bank AD

Investment credits over SAPARD programme, long-term investment credits.

Teka Still Ltd.

Imports and trades in materials and elements for furniture manufacturing, decoration and interior design.
furnishings, equipment  /hotel equipment


Manufactures non-standard metal constructions and wares. Interior design. Outdoor advertising.
building materials  /metal structures

Rotes - Ltd.

Complex study and design.
architecture, design  /design

Reides Ltd.

Design. Complex construction of residential, administrative and industrial buildings.
construction works  /repair works, reconstruction

Geoprecize - engineering Ltd.

Geodesy, cadastre, complex geodetic measurements to identify distortions of buildings.
architecture, design  /geodesy

SMT - Stanka Tasheva 99 Ltd.

Construction of residential buildings. Design, investment, construction and sales of newly built flats, commercial sites, offices.

Grines & Co.

Complex design and construction of industrial, residential and public buildings and facilities.
construction works  /industrial sites

Geosolar - B 63 Ltd.

Energy saving heating installations. Manufacture and installation of ground connected air-conditioners with thermal pump.
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, HVAC  /energy saving

Komfortex Ltd.

Trade with carpets and strips of carpet - import from Belgium and Germany. Low prices.
flooring, cladding, lining  /carpets, fitted carpets, wallpaper
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