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Log house Heijastus

Contacts: Honka Log Homes - Bulgaria
Spacious and natural

Heijastus is one of the most popular villas in its range. The large windows overlook the beautiful natural landscape surrounding the house. The light, spacious living room is the perfect setting for leisure hours, even when it rains.

The upstairs loft serves as a convenient accommodation space for guests. The large veranda around the side of the villa provides more living space. If your plot permits, you can also extend the veranda into an open-air terrace. We have built several versions of this model on different plots and for different needs.

Heijastus 88 1A
Gross area: 87.50 m2
Net area: 79.50 m2
Honka Id: 24269
Date of publication: 18 April 2018
visits: 1981
log houses, lodges, wooden houses, prefabricated houses, log buildings

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